The Grand Hotel Minareto Luxury Resort: five-star relaxation therapy

Professional  /  22 December 2017

The Grand Hotel Minareto Luxury Resort is a luxury resort immersed in the magical land of Sicily. If you are looking for a corner of the world where you can detox from stress and enjoy beauty and comfort, or if you need a location for a business meeting, the Grand Hotel Minareto Luxury Resort is the right place.

An exclusive stay in a nature reserve

It is well known that the environment around us influences mood and psychophysical well-being.

The Grand Hotel Minareto Luxury Resort perfectly responds to the need for self-care, offering its guests the ideal outline to draw from the beauty of nature, which caresses and regenerates body, mind, and spirit.

The resort is based in the Plemmirio nature reserve, which offers a natural chromotherapy thanks to the colors of the Mediterranean vegetation, combined with the blue crystal of the sea, and the white sand of the splendid Baia delle Latomie.

Keep fit and relax with elegance

A healthy daily exercise helps to stay fit, and at the same time it lightens the thoughts: training in a setting of elegance like that of the Grand Hotel Minareto Luxury Resort, undoubtedly spurs even the most unmotivated of people, who can go from the fitness room, furnished with a modern gym equipment, to the spa, and indulge in a moment of absolute and intense relaxation thanks to massage.

An alternative combines sport and relaxation is the beautiful swimming pool of the Hotel, where you can bask in the Sicilian sun comfortably lying on the sun loungers, or take a dip and a refreshing swim.

A Jacuzzi hot tub on the terrace – taking care of your own well-being

The idea of immersing yourself in a hot tub immediately refers to a feeling of inner peace; then if it is a Jacuzzi tub, there’s no doubt about it: the well-being is assured, with positive effects that will be felt for a long time.

At the Grand Hotel Minareto Luxury Resort there is a corner dedicated to the ritual of relaxation par excellence: a sun terrace overlooking the glittering sea surface, where two Jacuzzi hot tubs offer the ideal refuge to melt the daily worries.

Sleep serenely wrapped in 5-star comfort – with rooms, suites, and villas

Sleep is the best ally of beauty, and promotes a high quality of life; at the Minareto Luxury Resort you can sleep peacefully, cradled by a serene atmosphere, and by a high level of comfort, assured by the quality of the furnishings, and in the case of the suites an elegant design with particular attention to luxury details.

If you are traveling with a group of friends or with the family, the best choice is to stay in one of the exclusive villas provided by the Minareto Luxury Resort. Guests will find here their buen retiro for the duration of their stay: luxury, privacy and atmosphere are the undisputed watchwords.



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