A summer with the Jacuzzi Sport Team

Sport  /  29 June 2017

Jacuzzi is always at the forefront when it comes to supporting athletes no matter whether it’s during competitions and contests or during the daily workout. For many professionals, a Jacuzzi hot tub session is an integral part of their training programme, because it helps their recovery.

Water, a natural therapy

Water is the most natural therapeutic tool for humans. Getting into hot water, particularly, around the temperature of 34-37°C, enhances a physical and mental state of relaxation, which relieves the stress and stretches the musculature.

Post-training hydro-massage

With the hydro-massage, benefits are emphasised by the action of the air and water jets which exercise a pressure on certain areas of the body. Massage helps to breakdown the lactic acid in the muscles created through strenuous exercise, helping to relieve soreness and stiffness. In addition, the blood flow is increased and the energy and muscular tone recovery are faster.

Jacuzzi is the ideal partner for athletes

For these reasons, many athletes have chosen Jacuzzi as a fundamental partner for their workout programme: Jacuzzi technology allows you to customise the massage and stimulate the body parts where the highest stresses occur during a specific exercise. For instance, the lower jets of a Jacuzzi tub bring relief to legs and feet, the most stressed muscle areas for runners and cyclists.


This summer Jacuzzi decided to meet personally and interview a number of athletes and professionals who use the Jacuzzi hydro-massage as a therapy in their training routines. Keep following Jacuzzi and the official hashtag of the initiative #BestMomentOfSport to find out more training and the best physical recovery!


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