Dealer Spotlight: Jacuzzi® Managed Stores

Latest News  /  14 March 2019

Alongside our network of professional Jacuzzi dealers, we also have a group of four stores across the UK which are managed by Jacuzzi. Find out more here…

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

We are the four stores that are managed by Jacuzzi – Jacuzzi Hertfordshire, located at Van Hage Garden Centre, Great Amwell, Jacuzzi Cambridgeshire, located at Dobbies, Huntingdon, Jacuzzi Manchester, located at Bents Garden and Home, Glazebury and Jacuzzi Worcestershire, located at Webbs of Worcester, Worcester. When visiting a Jacuzzi Managed Store our customers receive the knowledge and passion that’s developed when only dealing with Jacuzzi products.

2) Swim spa’s are increasing in popularity; why do you think that is?

A high cost-to-build, compromising with the British climate and limited lane length are the biggest issues when owning a swimming pool in this country. Most owners pictured an American-style setting with unlimited swimming in their own garden. In reality, this doesn’t come to fruition.
A Swim Spa on the other hand, allows unlimited length distance, constant temperature all year round and low maintenance – at a fraction of the cost of a swimming pool. If you’ve ever thought about building a swimming pool in your back garden, stop and think and enquire about a SwimLife™ Swim Spa.

3) What are your customers looking for when they enquire about a swim spa?

Our customers are looking to swim at home, for unlimited lengths and low effort maintenance, without having to worry about the cost of a swimming pool!

4) If you had to choose, which swim spa model is your favourite and why?

The SwimLife™ SwimExpert 17ft is our ideal model. It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking to get the family off the screens and swimming in the pool together.

5) What would you say are the added benefits of a swim spa over a traditional swimming pool?

  1. 1. Swim Spa owners can swim for as long as they require without having to turn around to at the end of a length.
  2. 2. A fraction of the cost and effort to build and maintain in comparison to a traditional swimming pool
  3. 3. They can be used all year round and can be constantly warm

6) Finally, if you could offer some advice to a customer looking to buy their first swim spa, what would it be?

Even if you are in the very early stage of thinking about owning a Swim Spa, come and try it! Bring the whole family along for a test experience and you’ll realise how this product will benefit you. Book in for your free Swim Spa test experience with one of our managed stores now.


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