SwimLife™ swim spas: affordable alternative to a traditional swimming pool

Latest News  /  13 March 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just love to swim, having access to a pool in your own home has now been made easier thanks to SwimLife™ swim spas. Designed for counter current swimming, our range of swim spas are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of installation and the running costs which supersede traditional swimming pools.

What are the financial benefits of a SwimLife™ swim spa?

The average cost of installing, using and maintaining a traditional swimming pool is around £100,000. This takes into account factors such as, groundwork (digging and laying the necessary foundations), cost of the pool, installation, labour, chemicals, heating, electrics, plumbing and water safety – as well as annual maintenance.

In contrast, the cost of owning a SwimLife™ swim spa starts at £24,990 – a quarter of the price of a traditional swimming pool.

Why choose a SwimLife™ swim spa over a traditional swimming pool?

SwimLife™ swim spas offer optimal swimming conditions for any need: the intensity of the current is adjustable from 0 to 18 km/h, making them suitable for anyone who needs a professional workout, and for those who want to do aerobic activity to firm the muscles, tone the skin, and benefit circulation and breathing. They are also perfect and safe to teach children to swim.

SwimLife™ swim spas are also designed to be easily installed even in confined spaces, require minimal maintenance and allow you to enjoy the benefits of water year-round: in the hotter months they are ideal for exercising in the water or for a refreshing swim, while in winter it turns into a relaxing whirlpool bath, thanks to the Thermalmax™ internal heating system.

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