Sportspitality: a holiday for those that can’t resist well-being

Sport  /  26 July 2017

Caring for your own body is a fundamental aspect of daily life, and one concept of health is belonging to a lifestyle aimed at a complete state of well-being. Healthy nutrition, physical exercise and relaxation are elements that help maintaining the body and mind and those who follow this life style knows that the beneficial effects brought through regular practice, and for this reason more and more people don’t want to change their lifestyle when on holiday.

The holiday industry has picked up on this trend and the rising need of customers to keep a daily routine of relaxation and sport, they have started to extend their services.

It’s all about Sportspitality, a new model of hotel hospitality that supplements the stays of visitors with different paths, in order to allow everyone to follow their individual programs and keep to their healthy lifestyle as well as expand it towards new experiences of well-being.

The concept of the hotel gym has evolved from a single room with some fitness equipment, the health and fitness structure in hotels has been completely redefined, from fully equipped gyms, lighting systems designed to comply the principles of chromotherapy, and spas equipped with treatments like hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms. From the “relaxation” areas to the fitness courses like cardio, step and yoga, and finally to the selection of food available in hotel restaurants, with healthy and balanced menus, the hotel industry has completely evolved.

Sportspitality is a new type of stay which is completely dedicated to a well-being goal and offers whatever it takes to maintain your personal healthy trends, staying fit and eating well: because health doesn’t go on vacation!


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