4 tips for a perfect hydromassage

Wellness  /  19 March 2018

Hydromassage is a therapy that involves immersing the body in water to awaken its natural self-healing mechanisms. Through the combined effects of heat and of air and water jets, hydromassage helps relieve muscle tension due to stress, anxiety or physical exertion, and promotes the healing processes of various diseases related to the respiratory tract and blood circulation, in addition to giving a feeling of relaxation and general well-being.

# 1 Before the hydromassage: regenerating scrub

It is advisable, at least once a month, to scrub the skin clean and eliminate dead cells before a hydromassage session, in this way the skin will be more receptive to treatment and will generally be more toned and smooth. This step is especially useful for those who play sports or do intense activity, because hydromassage promotes the movement of cutaneous and subcutaneous liquids from the peripheral area to the centre of the body. The accumulation of fluid that occurs under the skin and especially in the muscles at the end of exercise is then disposed of more quickly, helping recovery.

# 2 During hydromassage: temperature and duration

The ideal duration of hydromassage varies from 15 to 20 minutes. To get the body used to it, however, it is good to start with a bath of no more than 10 minutes until reaching the optimal duration, which must be customized according to the needs of each person. In general, the higher the temperature of the water, the shorter the durationof the session should be. When in doubt, it is useful to follow these simple rules: if the temperature is set at 34°-36° the hydromassage can last up to 20 minutes, if it is 36°-38° the ideal duration is 15 minutes, but if the water is hotter, around 38°-40°, it is better to reduce the session time to 10 minutes.

# 3 Aromatherapy to enhance the beneficial effects

The use of soaps and bubble baths is not recommended because they could compromise the functioning of the bath, while perfumed bath salts and essential oils specially designed to be dissolved in the whirlpool bath water are suggested. Aromatherapy associated with hydromassage, in fact, enhances the relaxing effect, thanks to the beneficial properties of the fragrances that are released when in contact with hot water. A bath with these essences should last at least 20-25 minutes and, due to the characteristics of the oils themselves it is not recommended to exceed two sessions a week.

# 4 After hydromassage: total relaxation

In order to finish a hydromassage in the best way, it is a good rule to allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation to encourage sweating and allow your blood pressure to return to normal. Once you get out of the tub, the best thing is to lie down and close your eyes wrapped in a soft bathrobe or a dry towel, and listen to the natural rhythm of your breathing. In this way you will have the pleasant sensation of feeling your body and mind completely renewedby the hydromassage you have just finished.


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