How to host the perfect hot tub party

Wellness  /  25 August 2017

Have you got a hot tub and you want to organize a party? Well the summer is the best time to stay out in the open air.

The first thing to consider is the number of guests and the capacity of your hot tub: every outdoor spa has a maximum capacity, but if you want to invite more people then providing more seating out of the hot tub and ensuring everyone spends sometime in the hot tub. Our advice is also to provide large towels for everyone and some extra bathing suits just in case someone forget to bring theirs.

Create the right atmosphere with lights and decorations

If the party is during the day then sun protection has to be considered. If the hot tub is not placed under a gazebo or in a terrace, an idea it’s to cover it with a parasol or with curtains or sheets, strategically hanged between trees or the house, which will help with sun protection and create a cosy and intimate environment. Even plants can be positioned to give a touch of colour to the location and decorate the surrounding area. Then, if the party goes on until the night you can play with the lighting: lanterns and candles are perfect to create a suggestive atmosphere. Moreover, many models of hot tubs are already equipped with an interior lighting system that creates static or sequences of coloured lights, a real touch of magic for your party!

Propose a fresh, light and tantalizing menu

A lunch, a dinner or just an aperitif, the best idea for a hot tub party is to organise a buffet. It’s enough to have a table large enough to place trays, glasses, drinks and plastic plates, and then just prepare the various courses in advance. Sandwiches, salads and sauces are simple and tasty food, which don’t require long preparation. Regarding the drinks, it’s better not to over indulge with alcohol: in the hot tub you sweat, you lose many liquids and alcohol increases the risk of dehydration. For your guests’ health, it’s convenient to aim at fresh and light cocktails with mint, lime or ginger, perfect for the summer season.

Choose the right music and the entertainment

There is no real party if there is no music. Whatever it is: a playlist or your favourite songs, or a selection of the summer hits, what matters is that the music creates a cheerful atmosphere and the volume allows for conversation. If there is no sound system, or a hot tub with incorporated sound system, one could simply use a Bluetooth speaker. Even if it’s a hot tub party, it’s not recommended that one spends numerous hours soaking, so think of entertainment for your guests, with group games, dances, or any sport activity if there’s enough space, or enjoying a simple talk in company out of the hot tub.


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