Make time to meditate – World Meditation Day 2019

Wellness  /  14 May 2019

It’s safe to say, we could all benefit from a spot of meditation from time to time. Daily stress from work, family life and in some cases, health issues can take their toll on our mind and bodies. So, what better day to focus on yourself than on World Meditation Day which takes place today (Wednesday 15th May).

World Meditation Day is centered around raising awareness of the powerful, long-lasting benefits associated with this form of mindfulness, including lowering stress levels, improving our focus and generally being kinder to ourselves.

The beauty of meditating is that you can do it anywhere, however a quiet, relaxing environment is recommended. In as little as 20 minutes, you can start to feel less stressed and more in control of your feelings and emotions which all lead to a healthier mind and body.

Here are our three top tips for making the most of meditation:

Meditate in the morning

First thing in the morning tends to be when you feel most refreshed and when your mind isn’t overloaded with information, making it the optimum time to meditate. Try not to become distracted with to-do lists from the off, take just 20 minutes of ‘you time’ to meditate before you start the day.

Just do it – again and again

Feeling the effects of meditating will not happen overnight. It’s a long-term commitment and if taken seriously can have a seriously good impact on your mind and body. Take the time to understand the best ways to meditate and seek advice from experts who can guide you into the best practices for the very best results.

Keep it simple

Lots of thoughts will naturally arise in your mind, which can feel overwhelming. Don’t get discouraged. Let them flow by without judgement or getting caught up in the story lines. Just keep it simple by continually returning to the breath

Many Jacuzzi owners swear by meditating in their hot tub for the perfect combination of calm and tranquillity leading to the ultimate in relaxation. Grab a herbal tea, head to your hot tub and enjoy 20 minutes or pure peace and quiet.

Happy #WorldMeditationDay


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