Morning Rituals For Feeling Energised

Wellness  /  04 September 2017

Returning from summer holidays is always difficult and starting back at work seems an insurmountable obstacle. One reason is that, during the holidays we stay awake later and sleep until later in the morning. Other reasons include the change in our eating habits and taking a rest from sporting activities and exercise. All of this provokes a difficulty to switch back into the daily routine, we feel tired and less efficient. To return from holidays feeling energised, we should change our morning routine.

These 5, simple steps can help you to restart with the right charge:

#1 Set your alarm clock for earlier

Waking up late in the morning doesn’t allow you enough time prepare for your day: sleeping for just an extra ten minutes can mean skipping breakfast or rushing to get to work on time. All of this will only increase your sense of tiredness. By setting your alarm clock between 30 minutes to an hour before usual, you are going to have that extra time that you need to wake up calmly and to dedicate this time of the day to your wellbeing.

#2 Perform stretching exercises

Dedicating some time to stretching immediately after waking up is a perfect way to start your day. Stretching if done every day helps improve the posture and strengthens the dorsal muscles, and it’s useful for those who spend many hours in front of a screen. Besides, stretching alleviates muscular pain caused by the static position during the sleep, it increases the blood flow all over the body and into the brain, resulting in an energised feeling.

#3 Relax, meditate and think positive

After the stretching focus on your wellbeing health. You can relax with a warm bath or a shower, but above all you can just think of all what makes you feel good. It’s just about finding your way to meditate. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing yoga or breathing exercises every morning: to start your day positively it’s enough just to create a playlist with your favourite music, reading a page of a book, or writing your thoughts in a diary.

#4 Drink a glass of water and lemon

Another simple way to improve your day, is to drink a glass of water at room temperature with the juice of half a lemon. This operation, if carried out every day before breakfast, is a fast and efficient way to wake up energetically, because it helps you stay hydrated, it prevents constipation and helps prevent urinary infections, it fights mouth bacteria and bad breath, it also helps strengthens the immune system and cleanses the skin.

#5 Treat yourself to a full breakfast

The least, but equally important, advice to face the working day is to have a filling breakfast. The body, after the overnight fast, needs the fuel to restart and taking on energy. The importance is to balance the right nutrients, trying to remove the simple sugars and to make a full breakfast rich of calcium, iron and proteins, without forgetting a good amount of vitamins and minerals that can be found in fruits, for instance.


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