World Sleep Day – top tips for getting a better night’s sleep

Wellness  /  14 March 2019

Sleep is one of the main areas in life we find so difficult to control. Sometimes the idea of a good night’s sleep and the reality are very, very different. Daily distractions and our inability to switch off at night tend to get in the way, and for some people the idea of going to bed is nothing short of a nightmare.

Well, fear not. To celebrate World Sleep Day (Friday 15th March) we’re here to help with some top tips on how to update your bedtime routine to help you get the sleep your body and mind so desperately deserve:

Off the hook

Make a conscious decision to put your phone or tablet to one side an hour or so before you hit the hay. Spend that time making sure your bedroom and bed are clear, your curtains are closed and you’ve done any last jobs around the house. This pre-bed wind down time will really help block out any distractions and will allow you to switch off before you drift off.

Cut the caffeine

Limit your daily intake of caffeine. If this isn’t possible, make sure your final cup of the day is well before you go to bed to allow the effects to wear off. Making a conscious effort to do this will help your mind and body slow down from the last hit paving the way for a sounder sleep.

Relax in a bath

Taking a bath before bed has been proven to regulate blood pressure and promote a better night’s sleep. The healing powers of warm water initiate the proper flow of blood around the body – an essential part of preparing the body for sleep and the day ahead. Arga®, the brand new Swirlpool bath by Jacuzzi® takes bathing to the next level. Cutting-edge design and technology coupled with the 100% natural bath salts work together to stimulate the senses for the ultimate in relaxation.

We challenge you to put these top tips to the test and feel the benefits of a really good night’s sleep.


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