The J-400™ Collection just got better….

Latest News  /  05 June 2019

Here at Jacuzzi, we pride ourselves on being the best. This means providing the very best to our customers, including the best in hydrotherapy massage, the best in customer care and the best choice of premium products.

So, you’ll be pleased to hear that our award-winning J-400™ Collection just got better with the launch of two brand new hot tubs – J-485™ and J-475™.

Meet the new models

Both brand-new hot tubs deliver the now iconic and exclusive high back design feature that is much loved by existing J-400™ range owners, and both encompass an extra wide illuminated waterfall. Not only is this feature stunning to look at when illuminated, but the soothing sensation experienced when you sit beneath its cascade of warm is unbeatable.

With seating options varying from 6 to 7 adults, each of these models deliver a spacious open seating layout. Whether you opt for the all seater J-485™ or the J-475™ lounge model there is certainly plenty of room to fully unwind. Featuring the widest variety of exclusive PowerPro® Jets with fully adjustable intensity, these hot tubs will instantly deliver an adjustable hydrotherapy massage whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or simply a soul in search of ultimate relaxation.

Exterior design has always been just as important as the patented Jacuzzi technology contained within each and every hot tub. All models featured in this range are set apart by the stunning ProFinish™ cabinetry with corner accent lighting, an ‘at a glance’ indicator light and colour touch screen control panel for the full style package.

Fresh new features

Some cleverly thought out features are exclusive to these new designs, including dual purpose diverter knobs which double as cup holders for added convenience, along with stunning new adjustable pillows to provide an enhanced relaxation experience for users of varying heights. No matter which of the hydrotherapy seats you choose to experience, you can guarantee to be enveloped in total comfort.

The J-475™ features the increasingly popular RX Jet Therapy Lounge for a full body massage experience. The spinning action of six RX Jets knead the key muscles and nerves of the back to deliver a sizeable Swedish style hydromassage to improve circulation and relax your back. Also featured in this exclusive lounge are powerful jets along the legs, feet, neck and wrists that help overworked muscles to fully relax and recover from the strains of daily life.

Both models also feature the enviable MX2 Jet Therapy Seat. With its deep contours, your body is fully supported in the ideal position. Whilst the sizable jets focus on the lower back, the smaller precision jets knead your neck and upper back for complete back tension release. In addition to this you will also be treated to 100% stress relief when you lower yourself into the FX-12 Therapy Seat, packed with stimulating spiral action jets. These exclusive jets deliver a versatile deep tissue massage to your neck, wrists and back with the focus on targeting stress and discomfort after a long day’s work.

Nestled on the floor of both models is the exceptional low-profile foot dome, featuring a circle of powerful FX Jets to stimulate the small muscle groups in your tired feet. In the centre of the foot dome is the FX Large jet which also eliminates tight, painful cramps in stiff feet, and ultimately delivers an all-encompassing neck to toe relaxation experience.

Seeing is believing

Fancy giving these new tubs a go? Contact your local Jacuzzi dealer to arrange a free wet test to experience all the J-485™ and J-475™ have to offer.


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