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The J-480™ hot tub: elegance meets wellness

Latest News  /  16 July 2018

The Jacuzzi J-480™ hot tub is part of the J-400™ designer collection, a collection of small, medium and large indoor and outdoor hot tubs. Exclusive features, high-level performance and refinement of design are the hallmarks of the J-480™; one of the most elegant Jacuzzi hot tubs.

Why would you choose the Jacuzzi J-480™ hot tub?

The J-480™ hot tub is the crown jewel of the J-400™ designer collection. This is a large square hot tub (239 cm x 239 cm), which can accommodate up to 6 people. It can be installed in a garden or on a terrace to enjoy sessions of deep relaxation in the open air, but it can also be installed within an indoor space.

Its asymmetric lines with a raised edge profile, make it an elegant piece of decor, and its performance guarantees the maximum efficiency that a Jacuzzi hot tub can offer, for a complete psychophysical regeneration sensation. This is the best choice for those looking for the synthesis between functionality and design: refined aesthetics that blend perfectly into any space, a large capacity and high quality hydromassage.

What are the features of the J-480™ hot tub?

The J-480™ hot tub is an ergonomic hot tub with an elevated level of comfort thanks to the soft adjustable back-lit headrests, the lounge seat equipped with PowerPro® jets that perform a full body massage and supplemented by the central foot massage performed by IX jets. It all comes together to bring you the benefits of chromotherapy and reflexology.

The Watercolour™ XL double waterfall gently massages the head and neck, while its rotational jets work on the back; in addition, the underwater LED lighting, which can be easily operated from the ProTouch™ control panel, creates the right atmosphere for any occasion.

The J-480™ hot tub is also equipped with the Bluewave™ stereo system that allows you to choose your favorite soundtrack thanks to Bluetooth® technology, which connects with your devices up to 10 meters away.

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