J-435™: An elegant and multi-functional hot tub

Latest News  /  14 September 2018

The Jacuzzi J-435™ hot tub is designed with a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy programme and a modern interior capable of adapting to every body type and height. Its high back protects from the outside temperature and allows you to enjoy the Jacuzzi hydromassage experience all year-round.

Why choose the Jacuzzi J-435™ hot tub?

The J-435™ spa is part of the J-400™ designer collection of outdoor or indoor hot tubs, modern, exclusive details make it one of the most sought after and versatile Jacuzzi hot tubs.

The J-435™ is a large hot tub that can accommodate up to 6 people. The raised profile of the hot tub lip creates a high back that protects from the cold even during the winter, so it is particularly suitable for outdoor installation.

The possibility of choosing the colors of the cabinet and the shell makes it easier to integrate the hot tub with the rest of your decor.

Another feature of this spa is its ergonomics: the interior has been carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of body types and height, the adjustable pillows make the head and neck support more comfortable, and the jets offer a personalised massage for each seat.

The J-435™ hot tub is a guarantee for those who want a designer product with captivating style and maximum comfort for themselves and their guests.

What are the features of the J-435™ hot tub?

The J-435™ is a square hot tub (213x213x109 cm) that offers 5 types of seats with integrated PowerPro® jets for a tailored treatment for each seat. Of these, the jetted cool down seat is a unique option of the J-435™ hot tub, while the waterfall seat combines a single jet and a cascade of water that falls on the shoulders and neck for an even more intense massage.

The J-435™ hot tub is also equipped with a lounge seat that allows you to be completely immersed in the water and pampered even more deeply by the regulated action of the jets on the legs and feet, in combination with the PowerPro® jets which act on your shoulders and back.

ProLite® LED lighting colours the water, making the hydromassage session even more relaxing due to the calming effect of chromotherapy. On the other hand, the Bluewave® stereo system lets you choose your favourite music without getting out of the whirlpool bath.

Finally, the ProTouch™ control panel lets you adjust the settings of the hot tub as desired, and take care of its maintenance in complete comfort.

Find out more about the J-435™ hot tub or contact your nearest Jacuzzi dealer.


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