Global Wellness Summit 2018: happiness is wellness

Wellness  /  25 April 2018

Every year the Global Wellness Summit identifies trends in the wellness industry, with the aim of making a positive impact on people’s quality of life. In particular this year, there is a trend emerging that emphasizes happiness, not as an abstract concept, but as a concrete and determining factor for the health of the individual. In an era that sees great technological progress coexisting with a growing tendency towards social isolation, there is greater urgency in considering happiness as an underlying principle of wellness.

Happiness is being connected: with life and other living beings

Studies have shown that what most affects physical and inner well-being is the connection with other living beings and the surrounding world, a bond that technology risks weakening. In fact, often it is the distorted use of the technology which leads to isolation from social relationships instead of facilitating daily life. The answer to this problem is the greater prevalence of co-working, co-living, and other formulas that invite people to come together and establish real interactions, with great results both in terms of health and productivity in work.

Food and wellness: a healthy body for a happy mind

Food, you know, has a strong impact on the brain and mood. Therefore, there are more and more foods that increase the production of serotonin and other good mood hormones on the menus of restaurants and in diets recommended by professionals. But the innovation lies in a new field of research that studies this strong connection between the intestines and mental health. In particular, supplements are being tested that could cure the alteration of the ecosystem in the intestines in order to resolve mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

The key to a good workout is to be a kid again

Even fitness adapts to this trend: to keep fit, overcome stress and boost happiness, no heavy training sessions are necessary. It is better to focus on simple and playful activities like the ones that kids do for the simple pleasure of having fun. From team games, to racing outdoors, to moving the body spontaneously to the rhythm of dance: all excellent opportunities to strengthen the immune system and get in a good mood again. The basic principle is “less strain, more fun”.




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