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The J-335™: a fantastic all round hot tub

Latest News  /  17 August 2017

If you’re looking for a higher level of well-being experience, with an intense and complete massage, the J-335™ hot tub is a perfect choice for those who want a relaxing sensation combined with advanced hydrotherapy for suitable for all the family.

The J-300™ collection: innovations for a perfect massage

With modern and functional designs available in a wide selection of colours, the J-300™ collection delivers a powerful hydromassage from a range of PowerPro® jets. Defined PowerPro® therapy seats amongst the collection ensure the entire body is massaged from the next down to the legs and feet through a combination of rotational and fixed directional jets.

The characteristics of the J-300™ collection deliver complete relaxation

The exclusive PowerPro® jets deliver innovative technology which provides an advanced massage, perfect for relaxing after a long working day. Integrated headrests offer the perfect place to rest your head and are equipped by an emotional lighting. The tubs, indeed, are equipped by an underwater lighting system called ProLite™, which uses the LED technology to create suggestive atmospheres of different colours, to be chosen in relation to the state of mind and the situation, according to the principles of chromotherapy. Finally all the models in the J-300™ collection feature the Watercolour™ waterfall, which delivers a relaxing effect of water across the shoulders generating a soothing effect on the neck, which helps aid relaxation after a long day. All of the features can easily be activated and adjusted through an illuminated control panel, located on the top of the hot tub. To fulfil the relaxing experience combine it with your favourite music: the Bluewave® sound system features Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly connect your device and let you relax cradled by music, colours and hot water massage.

The J-335™ hot tub: a complete relaxing experience

The J-335™ hot tub, delivers all the aforementioned features but what makes the J-335™ unique is the FX10 therapy seat, this lounge seat offer a complete body massage, with a deep massage focused on the back and the hips, and from the more delicate and sensitive vents, for the legs and feet as well as total body immersion. In addition, there are three ergonomic and therapy seats, which offer a deep massage to your body, whilst another seat focuses on the back and combined with the waterfall you can relax and enjoy the hot water after completing the hydro-therapeutic program. The J-335™ is a hot tub that suits everyone, ideal for families, thanks to the variety of massage and varying depths of seats including a raised that makes it a great choice for children.


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