6 ideas for getting some exercise during your daily activities

Performance  /  26 March 2018

Exercise is a cure-all for the body and mind, but we often lack the desire or time to follow a training routine. The good news is that it is not necessary to follow a demanding program to take care of yourself: it is enough to take a cue from your daily activities and turn them into opportunities to workout.

#1 Walk to work

Most people who commute to work every day prefer to use the car or public transport. Deciding to walk for at least part of the commute is good for the heart, relieves stress and prevents the onset of some illnesses.

#2 Take the stairs

The lift is always a temptation, but taking the stairs is a very useful exercise: it tones the buttocks and involves the leg muscles, such as the calves and the quadriceps. In addition, climbing and descending stairs is good for the heart and lungs, and strengthens the immune system.

#3 Cycle to feel good

Riding a bicycle to get to the supermarket or going to the city centre is not only an ecological choice but it is also a great way to exercise. Cycling is also a powerful natural antidepressant that improves your mood and helps you lose weight faster.

#4 Do the shopping and carry it by hand

Shopping is an activity that allows you to burn a lot of calories; so if the goal is to lose a few pounds, then shopping is the right opportunity to choose healthy foods. To finish up the physical activity with some weight lifting, you can carry the shopping bags by hand.

#5 Do the housework

Even daily household chores such as washing dishes, ironing, vacuuming or taking care of the garden are opportunities for exercise. Alternating the different activities allows you to engage different muscles and achieve results similar to a real workout.

#6 Move around in the bathtub

The bathtub is the ideal space to perform some simple exercises: immersed in water and leaning against the backrest, you can bend and stretch your legs, contract your abdominals by inhaling and exhaling, or relax your shoulders and head by making slow circular movements.




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