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Jacuzzi® Announce Edward Baxter Swimming Partnership: A Match Made in Water

Performance  /  29 May 2020

Jacuzzi Brands UK have announced an exciting new partnership with Edward Baxter Swimming, with the aim of promoting and inspiring fitness, health and wellbeing from the ever-expanding Jacuzzi Elite Performance Program.

The announcement comes after the globally reported swim spa collaboration between Jacuzzi Brands UK, Edward Baxter Swimming and Bedfordshire Hot Tubs, where reverse-current pools were provided to a number of Team GB’s Olympic Swimmers. This enabled them to continue to train for Tokyo 2021 at home during the UK lock down. The pools have been predominately used for the athletes to work on their technique and maintain their feel for the water while swimming pools remain closed across the UK.

Edward Baxter, a multiple British Record Holder and National Champion whose achievements include; gold, silver and bronze medals at the Youth Commonwealth Games, has long been training with a large number of the GB Swimming Team. Since 2016 he has been Olympic Champion – Adam Peaty’s training partner. Ed is also Manging Director of Edward Baxter Swimming, co-owner of Adam Peaty Race Clinics and co-owner of the popular “Sprint with The Stars” showcase event which allows swimmers the chance to race alongside some of the fastest swimmers on the planet.

Earlier this year Jacuzzi released a number of videos with Edward Baxter and Olympian Tim Shuttleworth (2016 Rio Olympian) where they gave top tips for swimmers wanting to learn to swim faster and showcased the training benefits of the recently launched Jacuzzi SwimLifeÔ swim spa range for the UK.

The first in a hotly anticipated line-up of new projects between Jacuzzi and Edward Baxter Swimming is the “Jacuzzi Performance Podcast”. Presented by Ed, the episodes will focus on a wide variety of topics, including; athlete’s training programs, habits for success, top tips to improve your own performance. Along with behind the curtain discussions about life leading up to the 2021 Olympics and training during lock down. The first two episodes will be released to Jacuzzi digital platforms and the Apple Store on Thursday 4th June with World Swimming Champions guests Luke Greenbank and Anna Hopkin. Many guests from the world of sport and performance personalities are to follow soon.

Listen to first instalment of the Jacuzzi Performance Podcast over on Spotify now

Edward Baxter, CEO and Founder of Edward Baxter Swimming discussed the partnership:
“Over the last 18 months I have worked tirelessly to build the Edward Baxter Swimming brand both in and out of the pool. Up until now we haven’t looked to engage in official company partnerships or collaborations of any form. As our relationship with the Jacuzzi team has developed it’s become clear that there is a fantastic opportunity to promote the values of fitness, well-being and high performance in sport. Collaborating felt like the natural next step. To become partners with a brand of Jacuzzi’s calibre is massively flattering and an honour.

I am really cautious about who I work with as I think it is really important to genuinely believe in the partner and their products. I think everyone can see that Jacuzzi products are more than a fashion statement given they are being used by a host of top athletes including 8 of the country’s elite swimmers. In particular I have been really impressed with their swim spas which are really amazing pieces of kit, for both leisure and performance swimming.”

Andy Bewicke, a Director at Jacuzzi Brands UK added:
“We are really pleased to have officiated our agreement with the team at Edward Baxter Swimming. We want to continue to add value to our Jacuzzi World and help people to Feel Better™ every day. On top of using our wellness products, one of the best ways we can do this is by sharing great insights from the athletes and personalities we work with across the world. Ed’s charisma and understanding of what it takes to get to the highest level is a fantastic tool to unlock those secrets.

Already the ideas and energy from Ed and his team has been brilliant and I think that has been reflected in the positive response we have had to the projects and content so far. I am really excited for everyone to see what we have planned in the coming months.”




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