Workleisure: to be sporty everywhere, even in the office

Performance  /  11 September 2017

For many, sport is not just a hobby, but a real lifestyle: training is as much of a necessity as eating and sleeping, because it is the best way to feel good, healthy, and full of energy. Regular physical exercise is also a good habit for those who work, because it increases concentration and productivity, it helps to reduce stress and tiredness, usually associated with the pressures of everyday life.

Often, those who love to do sports, also love the feeling of comfort that sports clothes such as track suits, leggings and trainers provide. Although it is not always easy to combine this style with other occasions, there is good news for what concerns the workplace: the trend of the moment is workleisure, a style of sportswear suitable for both leisure time and the office.

As well as our habits changing, our ways of dressing also change: private life and working life often intertwine, and fashion has begun to follow this trend too.

In this regard, many fashion brands have begun to offer clothing lines that can be adapted to a number of occasions, from socialising to dinner, from gym to work.

In this case, workleisure takes the technical and breathable fabrics of sportswear, and incorporates them into clothing suitable for work, such as blazers, shirts and trainers. The result is outfits with elegant cuts and colours, but with all the comfort of the materials used in workout clothing.

The choice of work clothes extends to Lycra pencil skirts, lightly flared stretch trousers and breathable blouses: workleisure allows you to wear soft garments, that don’t make you sweat, in which you can easily move and, at the same time appear to be absolutely professional and chic.

Workleisure is a perfect solution to try on the return from holidays. Workleisure dedicated to all sportsmen and casual style lovers, who want to feel fashionable and comfortable even at work, without sacrificing practicality.




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