Wellness tips from Japanese tradition

Wellness  /  07 September 2018

Japan has a culture rich in history and fascinating traditions that have been handed down to the present day. As far as beauty is concerned, Japanese culture has always relied on wellness rituals that are still valid today. Here are some valuable tips from Japan for self-care:

#1 Hot baths for purifying

Hot baths are an integral part of Japanese culture: in many areas of Japan there are natural volcanic hot springs called onsen, where you go to relax. Rich in minerals, these hot waters have a deep purifying power that free the body from toxins and give you smooth and luminous skin. To enhance the effects of the hot bath, hydromassage is an additional treatment that helps to relax the muscles and accommodate sleep.

#2 Seaweed to stay healthy

If Japanese people are among the longest living on the planet, it is thanks to their diet that traditionally is based on fish and vegetables and excludes meat and dairy products. The Japanese diet, however, is characterized above all by the large consumption of edible seaweed such as Wakame, Nori, Kombu and Arame. Seaweed is a really healthy and natural food, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which help to prevent health problems and strengthen the immune system.

#3 Matcha tea to stay young

The traditional tea ceremony, a social and spiritual rite with very precise rules, has been held for thousands of years in Japan. Green tea is used for this ritual, the matcha variety, more specifically. Unlike normal infusion teas, matcha comes in the form of powder to dissolve in water, so you can take in all the benefits that come from its leaves: energizing and calming at the same time, matcha tea helps you lose weight and slow the aging process.

#4 Less sun and more hydration

Clear and luminous skin in Japan is synonymous with beauty: avoiding exposure to UV rays not only delays the appearance of wrinkles, but also decreases the risk of melanoma. In fact, prevention is the best ally of health, so it is important – especially in the summer – to protect yourself from the sun with umbrellas, hats or sunscreens. Moreover, to maintain elasticity it is very important to drink at least a litre and a half of water a day and massage the skin with moisturizing creams.


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