Reflexology, a method to relieve stress

Wellness  /  10 August 2018

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that involves massaging specific areas of the body, mainly the hands and feet, to stimulate other “reflex” areas of the body. Although not scientifically proven, reflexology, in one way or another, helps relieve stress.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology starts from the assumption that specific organs and body parts correspond to certain areas of the feet (plantar reflexology) and hands (palmar reflexology). According to this theory, stimulating these areas can rebalance the entire body.

Actually, the purpose of reflexology is to restore the body’s energetic balance in order to stimulate its self-healing capacity. This happens through a particular type of massage which acts on specific points on the feet and hands. The massage is carried out with different pressures and methods depending on whether the problem related to the organ being treated is due to an excess or a deficit in energy.

The benefits of reflexology

Reflexology is an unconventional therapy, and for this reason it should not be used as an alternative to medical treatment. However, it can be effective to alleviate psychosomatic disorders caused by stress or anxiety, and temporary discomforts such as headaches.

The underlying principle of reflexology, as in all holistic therapies, is to promote the relaxation and natural liberation of endorphins in order to reach a condition of physical and mental well-being, and to ease tensions.

Reflexology with Jacuzzi jets

In addition to the classic hydromassage jets distributed throughout the area of the whirlpool bath tub or hot tub, Jacuzzi has also designed models with jets specifically placed on the hands or soles of the feet to target these areas and give a true reflexology experience.

In some models, for example, the Classic Foot Massage is integrated: a specially designed dome for foot massage is just the solution after a tiring day on your feet. In others, special PowerPro® RX and PX jets are available which offer a focused massage for hands and wrists that is ideal after a long day of work.


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